Thursday, July 6, 2017

birthday month

we're only 6 days into july so far but it's already looking like a pretty promising month. july is my favorite bc it's a summer month, it has my favorite holiday, & it's my birthday month

on july 3rd, after we did fireworks to celebrate independence day, my neighbor did a little surprise birthday thing for me. there was an oreo ice cream cake & he bought me a fujifilm instax 210 wide polaroid camera

today, my mom drove my sister & i to the mall & we spent almost an hour in forever 21 bc brenda wanted to buy me something from there. we tried on a couple of things for fun & there was a dress i liked but i'm really picky so in the end, she bought me a new pair of leggings (which i've been needing)

when i got home from the mall, my friend had told me that he bought me all of the books from my amazon wishlist (complete wishlist can be found on the blog) which is crazy bc there's 20+ books on there

two months ago, my friends & i were debating about what to do for my birthday & we said, "oh that's still two months away" but now it's less than two weeks ago & i still have no clue what to do. i did make a pinterest board for birthday party ideas (if i wanted to have a party) but i haven't gotten anywhere w the whole planning part

i guess it doesn't really matter much if i have a party though, bc so far, birthday-wise, it's been pretty good. a polaroid, leggings, & books. what more could i ask for?

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