Thursday, June 1, 2017

when i'm on instagram or tumblr i always save the pictures that i think look really cool or good or could be ideas for artwork. i found this picture of a girl that i, personally, think is very beautiful & that aesthetic tho. so i saved it but never got around to drawing her until today.

i've never been good at drawing people that look like the actual people that they're based off of, but the drawing itself is pretty good (if you don't look at the original). i'm not the best w proportions or details but i really like this drawing. i did it in pen then i went back in w markers (where there's color) bc i wanted to add a little something to it. 

this drawing took me 3-4 hours (bc my dad kept interrupting me) & usually i don't like working on things too long but i'm happy w this one.

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