Thursday, June 8, 2017

typhoon texas

when spring semester ended, megan, david, & i talked about going to Typhoon Texas together sometime. we finally planned out a day & it was such a great time

first, david picked me up then drove us to megan's house to pick her up. we were there for 2-3 hours bc 1. megan had to get ready 2. she was trying to make us some food before we left & 3. we kept distracting her w funny videos & harry potter posts from tumblr

we finally got in the car & were on the way to Katy around 12 when david said he wanted to show megan the guitar he wanted for a quick second. so we stopped at guitar center

while david played the guitar for a bit, megan & i went around exploring/messing w drums. after a while, they wanted to go see the acoustics (there was a room w acoustic guitars & ukuleles). david grabbed a guitar & megan picked up a ukulele & they strummed a bit, played little bits of songs. eventually david would play & megan would sing the song, which was really cool (tho it made me feel even more musically challenged). 

when they were done, david asked this guy (who was in the room too) what song he had been playing earlier. they started talking about black sabbath & pink floyd (david made a new friend). the guy played some pink floyd song & asked megan to sing it, which was pretty cool (but again, it's like everyone could play instruments & i'm over here recording them bc i can't do anything) 

finally, we got back in the car to go to Typhoon Texas. first, we had to take pictures before our hair got wet (duh) then we headed for the Lazy T River (which we stayed in most of the time). we went on the Texas Twister (3x), the Typhoon (1x), & the Lone Star Racers (2x)

it was such a great day full of laughter, tanning, swimming, screaming (on the rides), & good vibes. it's always a good idea to get out of the house & hang out w some good friends & i'm so glad i got the chance to meet megan & david, & to have spent the day w them at typhoon texas. 

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