Thursday, June 22, 2017

to the bone | new netflix original movie

so recently, i watched this trailer for a new netflix original bc lily collins is in it. then i found out the movie was about anorexia & i'll admit, i was a tad bit worried

we all know the backlash & controversy about 13 reasons why so i just had this feeling that people were going to attack this movie for trying to talk about anorexia (which they are). so i tried to look it up to find some information on how lily collins prepared for the role- we all know the media would latch on to any news of her starving herself for it

what i found out was that lily, & the director (or producer?) of the film both have suffered w anorexia & lily even realized that it would be a thin line playing this character. but she identified so closely w it & has recovered well enough to play it smart & safe. she lost a lot of weight for the movie w medical supervision/help from a nutritionist. she lost the weight as healthily as she could to be able to play the role as it was meant to be played

as i mentioned before, the controversy about 13 reasons why was a really big thing but i thought it was important to educate people on the problem, show them a different side, & get rid of the stigma around mental illnesses & such. & i feel the same about this movie- erasing the stigma around talking about anorexia. i feel like this will give kids someone to identify w, someone who can show them that they've been through the same thing & have had help & recovered

so i, for one, am excited to watch this movie. i love watching movies like this & i love lily collins so it's a win-win. plus the movie comes out on my birthday which is a nice little gift

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