Saturday, June 10, 2017

the sacrament of confirmation + a new godsister | Christi

today was confirmation mass. 

in the second reading, it says "the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ & the love of God & the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you." i feel like this was the perfect verse for the occasion. 

in catholicism, your parents baptize you as a baby to promise God that they are going to raise you to be catholic. confirmation is when you're older, old enough to make your own choice about your beliefs, & you "confirm" that, yes, you do accept the ideas & beliefs of catholicism & promise to be a catholic. this is your choice- your choice to accept God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. 

another part to this whole confirmation thing is choosing a sponsor. this is, ideally, someone that practices their faith & will be able to guide you in your faith journey. Christi chose the same sponsor that i did, 4 years ago, when i got confirmed, thus making her my Godsister.

now, you can have the same sponsor as someone & never even talk to them but i already know Christi- she's my sister's friend & a member of TNTT. i see God's work in her every weekend at church & i know that she will be able to do great things through Christ. i'm very excited to have her as my newest Godsister & i hope that i will be able to help her in her faith journey as well.

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