Sunday, June 25, 2017

megan's birthday present | DIY

hello hello hello. i wanted to share this artsy thing i did bc i'm happy w how it turned out. so. i wanted to do a cute/thoughtful thing for my friend's birthday so i figured i'd do a box w little things that she would like. however, i didn't have any cute boxes so i decided to be resourceful & decorate a box

  • small box
  • large paper bag (from abercrombie)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • spray adhesive glue
  • permanent marker/black ink pen
  1. cut the bag so that it can be laid out flat
  2. find a section of the bag big enough to cover certain sections of the box
  3. cut it out so that it can fit on the side of the box (it can be a little larger- you can always trim)
  4. spray the adhesive glue on the box (use tape if necessary)
  5. put the plain/blank side of the section of the bag onto the glue & let dry
  6. continue to wrap/glue bag until it covers the outside of the box
  7. trim any extra edges & tape down any loose flaps
  8. decorate the box w the pen/marker

after finishing the exterior of the box, i decorated the inside. the first thing i did was paint over anything in the box that i did not want (there were words & decorations already). then i cut out paper balloons & glued them on. i wrote "happy birthday" & put stickers to spell out her name

then i found put the little gifts inside

included in the box:
  • mickey & minnie mouse tsum tsums
  • pink beaded bracelet
  • dreamcatcher necklace
  • little homemade keychain
  • pins: harry potter, tangled, the beatles, pink floyd
  • card/note explaining stuff in the box
she went gaga over the hand-designed "henna" on the outside of the box & absolutely loved the little gifts. she really likes hand-made/thoughtful kind of gifts so it was pretty perfect for her

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