Tuesday, June 27, 2017

chalkboard paint | DIY

my last post was about me being resourceful & making a cute thing for my friend using what i had. well here's another DIY kind of thing that i did today

i had this glass clock thing that didn't work so i took out all of the mechanical stuff & the hands of the clock. i was left w a glass disk w a hole in the middle, so i wanted to do something cool w it. recently, i had bought chalkboard paint but never used it yet so i figured i could try it on this

supplies needed:
  • something to paint on/decorate
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk
so i had my sister paint the glass disk w the chalkboard paint & the next day (when it was finally completely dry) i started the design. it's hard to draw neatly & cleanly w chalk but i did my best. i did another henna-type design bc that's all i've been doing lately but i really like how it turned out so yay

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