Monday, May 8, 2017

"intimacy" | a painting series

guess who finally finished her series painting for class? this girl! i just wanted to share this set of 3 painting w you guys bc i've been working on them for quite a while. so the idea was a series of 3 paintings. we looked at a couple of artists from art books & we got to choose who we wanted use as a starting point for our art. there were a lot of artists i liked & a lot of ideas but it was hard to choose.

i ended up choosing an artist named Shu-Wu Lin bc their style looked cool & it would be painting something out of my norm/comfort zone. the ideas that i wanted to incorporate into my work were the black background, monochromatic blue-ish purple color scheme, & the blur/fading out.

i struggled a lot at first bc 1. i've only ever done skin in skin tones & 2. it's hard to do a fading out/blur w acrylic paint. my idea was "intimacy," the little touches- the hand cupping the face, a finger tracing along the spine, & a hand on the thigh



i actually kind of like how my pieces turned out & they look pretty cool when they're all together as a set/series:

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