Wednesday, April 19, 2017


this morning, i was wrecking my closet to find something to wear in hot weather/cold buildings. that's the struggle of living in Texas- walking outside in the heat into the blasting A/C.

i found my mom's little plaid button-up so i tried it on w a white tank top & black jeans. then i realized i actually looked like a mom. gross. 

so, i tried to sam-it-up a bit by switching to a black cropped (kind of?) tank top & slightly ripped skinny jeans. just bc i was wearing my mom's shirt didn't mean i couldn't make the look a bit edgier. 

i threw on some clear lens hipster glasses bc i haven't worn them in a while & decided at the last minute that i needed a pop of color so i found the red matte lipstick my friend recently gave me.

blue plaid button-up (american eagle outfitters)
ripped skinny jeans (hollister)
black cropped tank top

sometimes i forget how much i enjoy putting together outfits- even if it's not super dressed up. it's always fun to find ways to spice up an outfit or a piece to make it more 'me.' 

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