Friday, April 28, 2017

re-purposing | DIY

when i first moved to texas, i shopped for decor & bought these framed glass panels that say "life is a song," "hope is the lyrics," and "love is the music." i liked them- at the time. now? not so much. so i've been wanting to get rid of them but i didn't want to just throw them away. so just today, i finally thought of what i could do w them- DIY stringed picture frame! 

step 1: i took them off of my wall (duh). however, i couldn't figure out how to get the glass out until i realized that there are pieces of wood in the back that keep the glass from coming out. which leads us to the next step

step 2: grab some kind of tool that will allow you to push the wooden pieces out of the frame (in doing this, i discovered that there were nails so be careful if you ever do something like this)

step 3: take the wooden pieces & the glass panels out of the frames

step 4: hot glue some string across the back of the frame

step 5: (THIS IS IF YOU DON'T HAVE CLIPS ALREADY) get wire (& tools if you have them) & curl it into spiral shapes w a "hook" as shown below

step 6: attach spiral shaped wire onto the string & tighten the "hook" around the string to prevent the spirals from sliding/ moving around too much

step 7: attach polaroids/photos by sliding them btwn the curves of the spiral & hang the frames up

TA-DA! now i have cute little picture frames that i can use for my polaroids!

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