Saturday, April 22, 2017


(this has probably ended by now js)
recently, i was on twitter & saw ^this post. i've always wanted some ivory ella products so i decided to check it out. so i went on & saw these "boyfriend t-shirt hoodies" that were super cute & they were 50% off. usually they are $39 (+ shipping) but on that day, they were $19.99 (not including shipping). & since it was my first time on ivory ella, they sent me a 10% off code which would have made it $18. then i found a different promo code & it turned to $17. & the shipping was $7.49 which isn't the cheapest but i was like, okay, that's a pretty good deal compared to $39 (+ shipping) which would have been around $48. so i yolo'd & bought it. & it just came in the mail today.

when i was ordering my boyfriend t-shirt hoodie, i was debating btwn a purple & a sky blue one & ended up choosing sky blue. however, there was only a size medium, no smalls. but i like big shirts so i figured it would be fine. & when i opened the package, it was actually a lot bigger than i thought it would be, but at the same time i love it bc now it's like a dress & i could wear it w leggings.

honestly, i'm pretty happy w it bc it's big & comfy & the color is really nice. also, the little cards & stickers they send w the package are so cute i just love it all. 

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