Saturday, April 1, 2017

dear self, here's some things i don't tell you enough

you're smart, stop worrying so much about school.
you have naturally thick eyebrows, you're ahead of the curve.
you're kind, don't let anyone change that.
you have big eyes, they're cute.
you're naturally skinny, there's nothing wrong w that.
you can draw pretty well, stop doubting yourself.
you're generous, you always give give give.
you chose art as your major, that's brave.
you're always there for people, that's so great.
you always forgive, that's fearless.
you're strong, you've survived so much.
you've got some cool accomplishments, don't underrate yourself.
you're inspirational, changing a person's life is so cool.
you have great taste in music, you listen to almost anything.
you're interesting, you have so many cool things about you.
you're important, don't ever doubt that.
you're loved, i love you.

sometimes, i think about how i don't compliment my friends enough, or tell them that i love them enough, etc. but i definitely don't compliment myself enough either. i think it's important to take the time to remind yourself the good parts of who you are. so, take a minute out of your day & just give yourself at least one compliment. remind yourself that you are great, you are worthy, you are beautiful, & you are important. self-love is just as important as any other love.

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