Monday, April 10, 2017

baroque: bernini, borromini, caravaggio | video

  • bernini & borromini made the "baroque rome" look
  • brought before the pope when he was 8 
  • arrived in rome in 1605 when caravaggio's art made the church think of a new style
  • his personality was opposite of caravaggio's 
  • extremist of his art 
  • believed that people give themselves away the moment before or after they speak
  • rome's supreme virtuoso
  • sculptor, painter, playwright, etc.
ecstasy of saint teresa- bernini
apollo & daphne- bernini
 apollo wants the nymph daphne, she doesn't want him
she ran away & the gods answered her prayers
by turning her into a tree
Francesco Borromini:
  • brilliant architect
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane- Borromini
  • italy 1610- he's on the run for murder, price on his head
  • father & grandfather died at 5, mother died at 19
  • grew up in carravagio so that's what they called him
  • trained as a painter in milan
  • he went to rome & was told to go to old masters, be humble, copy, & learn
  • he never drew- just looked & painted
  • he didn't want to do things the way that the masters did- challenged the way things should be
  • gives us nature w a twist
  • used street people as models
  • demolishes safety barrier btwn viewer & figures 
  • francesco maria del monte asked him to move into the palazzo 
boy bitten by a lizard- caravaggio
rose, glass, reflection= short-lived
lizard looks less menacing than boy
painting about temptation
middle finger= homosexual gesture?
painted God of wine who drank too much
david w the head of goliath

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