Monday, February 6, 2017

the nude in art | video notes

adam & eve:
  • nudity went from beauty to sin
  • glorified males bc militaristic society
christian religion:
  • removed/censored nudity bc it was evil/work of the devil
hindu beliefs:
  • love making= union of soul & divine, understanding of universe
  • still portrayed nude as sin
  • last judgement painting: on the right- nude figures raped, violated, devoured in hell
  • birth of venus: nudity is central bc it's about to be covered up by a cloak, "perfect beauty"
  • ^manifesto of shifting status of nude- something to be celebrated, beautiful, natural
  • statue of david: biblical + classical values, reminiscent of classical greek
  • ^symbol of male beauty, challenges viewer, proud of nakedness
  • sistine chapel: some nudes were painted over bc too risque 
  • ^set a trend in which artists painted biblical figures in nude 
  • "venus": laying naked, hand covering genitals
  • ^women as goddesses & sexual being 
leonardo da vinci:
  • italian renaissance= human wasn't so sinful, man, not god, was center of world
  • vitruvian man: rendered nude more accurately, body fit in perfect circle & square shapes 
  • heralded a shift in way humanity saw itself
  • man stripped down into natural state

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