Thursday, December 8, 2016

student exhibit // my artwork got second place design!

guys. i am excited & i just thought it would be nice to share a little piece of my happiness w the internet.

so every semester, Lone Star has a Student Exhibit in it's Bosque Gallery.
it is still open, until Dec. 12, 2016. MWF- 10:00AM-1:00PM. TTh- 2:30PM-5:00PM.

my art professor told me to submit some of my artwork to the Student Exhibit so i submitted 2 of my best artworks- "the art of Fishing" & "indigenous."

so i walked into the gallery one day & bam, my 2 pieces were right in front of me & i saw this little red tag under "indigenous" so i went to go look at it & you probably can't read it from the picture but it says "second place design."
i got second place design.

today, i walked into my art class & my professor gave me a certificate for second place design, but that's not all. another art teacher came into the class & told me that the school might possibly want to buy "Indigenous"!!!!!! i mean, there's a whole process that the art committee has to go through & there's always a chance that they don't buy it, probably, but i refuse to let that hinder my excitement. my artwork has buying potential!!!

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