Saturday, December 31, 2016

reminders for living your life in 2017

we all have those things that we know we should do but we don't do it, or the advice that we should take but we don't. why don't we? why don't we do the things that will help us live our best lives? i'm definitely guilty of this & maybe w the start of the new year, i can push myself to do these things that i know i should do. i want to live my best life, everyone does. here are so reminders (that i found on tumblr) on how you & i can (this list is for me but it can really be for anyone) live our best lives in 2017: 
  • don’t let shyness overcome new opportunities
  • put your needs first- it isn't a problem for those who truly care about you
  • live fearlessly
  • pursue joy
  • cut toxic people out- you'll feel like poop at first, but later you will feel relief & freedom.
  • calm down before making decisions in anger
  • stop trying to please everyone- it's impossible
  • drink more water
  • stop caring so much about what people will think & say
  • don’t knock it ‘til you try it
  • it’s never too late for an apology
  • be cool to younger kids- reputations are built over a lifetime
  • be a good listener- don’t just wait for your turn to talk
  • make the little things count
  • do what helps you boost your confidence & self-esteem
  • stop procrastinating- no matter how unmotivated you are
  • be honest, be honorable, be kind
  • allow yourself the time to acknowledge how tired you are- allow yourself room to be real
  • be so comfortable with yourself that you’re unafraid to do things alone
  • smile & laugh more- there’s always a reason to smile
  • choose to love- yourself, others, & the world around you 
  • stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing
  • it’s okay to cut off people from your life- your well being matters more than anyone’s
  • forgive & let go- grudges make your heart ache & drain your energy
  • don’t overthink every single thing
  • appreciate & embrace what you have
  • make sure you’re ready to face consequences before you make impulsive decisions
  • do not give so much of yourself to people who will not do the same for you
  • strength isn't about succeeding or failing- it’s the fact you battled on despite your struggle
there are probably so many other ways that we can improve our lives too, but the goal is to be so busy living a good life so that i don't have the time to find them all. the countdown until 2017 begins:

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