Friday, December 16, 2016

MD & R.I.P 12/15/16

the countdown until MD starts again! 

earlier this year, in the summer, i already went to MD. but due to my grandpa's poor health, we decided to go again in the winter to visit him. we were planning to go on Christmas morning but unfortunately, his health only got worse. we re-booked to an earlier today, Dec. 17th (today, technically) but unlucky us, he passed away 2 days before the day we were supposed to go back.

12.15.16 // we all love you so much ong ngoai. we would have been there in 2 days but God just couldn't wait to have you back w him. there are no words to even describe how much we will miss you. rest in peace grandpa.

this is very saddening but i am still excited to go to MD. my family needs to all be together to support each other during this sad time & i can't wait to see them. i truly appreciate all the prayers for my grandpa from my friends & family. all we can do is try to remember that he is in a better place now.

on a lighter note, since this semester & finals are over, i will definitely be vlogging again, especially since i'm going to MD so watch out for new content!

thank you for all the love & support <3

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