Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 goals

the clock has struck midnight- it's now 2017! happy new years! have you decided on your resolutions? do you believe in resolutions? are you going to keep your resolutions?

i've always thought that resolutions were kind of lame & unrealistic bc no one ever really keeps them so instead, i set goals for myself. these aren't exactly things that i want to achieve in 2017 but things that i want to work on/work towards.
  1. be healthier- eat a little bit better, drink A LOT more water (pretty self explanatory)
  2. draw more- just doodle/sketch something once a day (i hardly draw anymore but i'm gonna need to work on that if i wanna major in art, yikes)
  3. spend less time on social media- go find something better to do (all i do is go back & forth on apps when i'm bored, even if there's nothing new, i need to stop)
  4. live my best life (discussed in my last blog post)
  5. be the best version of myself (i'm not satisfied w the person i am but i'll get there)
  6. connect more- reach out to people, stop being so afraid (& stop shutting people out)
  7. break out of my shell- i need to stop being shy & awkward  (so many missed opportunities)
  8. put myself first- all i do is put others first & try to make them happy (it's time to focus on me)
  9. stop stressing myself out- not everything is worth stressing out about (i stress so much, i'm my own stressor)
these are my top goals for the new year & i'm posting them bc people say that written goals are more effective (technicially this isn't written but i'll copy it down in a notebook, so same thing). i'm also posting it bc i think i need people to see my goals, know that i want to change, & hold me to it- even call me out if necessary. hopefully i'll be able to change some things in my life in order to meet these goals. i don't have to become a health freak, draw 24/7, delete social media, become an extrovert, etc.- as long as i get closer to my goals. baby steps are okay. progress is progress no matter how small.

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