Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy thanksgiving!

before anyone says anything, i want to say that i am very aware that today, this holiday, is not a thankful day for native americans everywhere who have been wronged, hurt, or attacked in the past, & now, by whites who took over their land.

also, my family doesn't really celebrate thanksgiving all that much other than we make a bit of extra food & i eat pumpkin pie. but after a tntt lock-in that i went to, i was reminded to count my blessings. we made a "Count your blessings" board & i believe that counting your blessings is the same thing as thinking about all that you are thankful for, so here are 10 blessings that i have counted today:

i most definitely have countless of blessings in my life- way more than 10- but sometimes i can't remember them all bc i never slow down enough to appreciate what i really have. maybe today, you can take a couple of minutes to count your blessings & remind the people in your life that you are thankful for them. 

i am thankful for you. 

happy thanksgiving- for those who celebrate it. 

also, there is a thanksgiving festival (hoi cho) going on at my church- Our Lady of Lourdes (Lo Duc)- for anyone who is interested! it's from Nov. 25- Nov. 27 & i will be there all 3 days bc i'm in charge of the face painting booth. just putting it out there for anyone who is interested! 

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