Friday, September 9, 2016

Angels Churros and Chocolate

every day, on my way to school, i pass signs for a place called Angels Churros and Chocolate. on instagram, i see posts from friends who had gone there so i kept telling myself that i will go one day. well, that day was today. my friends & i headed there after classes to see what all of the fuss was about.

the register guy told me that their desserts were imported one way or another from all around the world. they serve different types of churros, macarons, gelatos, mochi, popcorn, chocolate, coffee, icy-cinos, hot chocolate, & teas.

my friends & i tried the churros which were bomb af. they come w different dipping sauces such as nutella, chocolate, condense milk, caramel, & peanut butter.

also, if you play Pokemon Go & are level 3+, you can get a free soda & have your picture taken. ;3 
(my friends are so cute, too bad i don't play pokemon go)

Angels Churros and Chocolate is located on 7160 Barker Cypress Rd Cypress, TX 77433. they have outdoor seating areas, cool lanterns, great paintings/artwork, & cute decor.

"i aspire to be a Samantha Nguyen" -Allison 2016

there's nothing better than enjoying good food w good friends. but a window w angel wings that you can take pictures in front of comes pretty close. i think i died & went to heaven when i ate those churros.

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