Friday, August 12, 2016

trrtlz bracelets

i was at target & i saw boxes of trrtlz bracelets so i had to check them out. there are so many different types of trrtlz bracelets which can all be found on the trrtlz website. anyways, i saw some turtles in the batch, so of course i freaked out (for those of you who don't know, i'm obsessed w turtles). i bought a fully white one for a friend, a red-white-&-blue one for my sister, & the rainbow one for myself bc i liked the idea that the bracelets were supporting "#loveislove". 

the idea behind the bracelets? 
"As the friendship grows between you and your trrtlz bracelets, you will notice that their colors begin to fade. The more adventures your bracelets have embarked on, the more faded they become. By giving a faded bracelet to a friend, you are sharing with them your adventures. When giving a young unfaded bracelet, you are then helping to create a new journey..."

#loveislove #trrtlz #shareyouradventure

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