Monday, August 8, 2016

Marian Days 2016.

in my last post, i told you guys that i was going to Missouri for Marian Days for the first time ever. 
i was woken up at 3:50 AM & left the house at 4 AM to drive to my mom's friend's house (we were going on the trip w them). there was a huge rental van & 12 people in it. i was stuck on the road for 10+ hours w 12 people in a van. we finally got to Carthage, Missouri at around 6 PM. 

(this was the first thing i saw walking into walmart) 
we went to the nearby walmart for a few things that we needed before we set up the tents. it was hot weather (in the 90s) for most of the week & there was a lot of walking involved.

there were many booths w vietnamese food, some American food, & BOBA. most of the time, my siblings, my friends, & i would hang out in an auditorium (w A/C) bc it was too hot out, but we did go to Soul-to-Soul, which was an event w praise & worship, adoration, etc.

during Marian Days, i was reconnected w 2 kiddos that i went to TNTT in MD w & met 2 new people (friends of my cousins) who were in TNTT in VA. we all hung out the whole time & i don't think i would have enjoyed Marian Days as much if they weren't around.

on the last full day (Saturday), i got to take the basic Marian Days letting-go-of-the-balloons picture:

on the morning of the last day (Sunday), i had to say goodbye to my MD kiddos :(

we all know that i'm not much of a heat/walking/outdoors/camping person but in the end, i had a blast at Marian Days. i got to hang out w some cool people who made the whole thing worth it. i already miss Marian days & my friends (but i don't miss is the heat & the ice cold showers).

guess we'll have to wait til next year to see if i'll be going again. until then, enjoy the vlog:

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