Friday, August 12, 2016

diseases (notes)

pathology: study of disease

diagnosis: evaluation of...
-signs: objective abnormalities; definitive, can measure
-symptoms: objective, can't measure

syndrome: condition in which certain signs & symptoms appear together
-acute: suddenly, for a short time
-chronic: long lasting

etiology: study of causes of disease
-idiopathic: no known cause

pathogenesis: progression of disease

epidemiology: occurrence/distribution/transmission of disease
  • endemic: occurs in local region
  • epidemic: occurs in a high number of individuals
  • pandemic: occurs in large geographic area
diagnostic tools- imaging
  • radiography: x-rays sent to photographic film
  • computed tomography (cat scan, CT scan): circular structure rotates around a patient, x-bands
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): magnetic field causes emission of radio frequency waves
  • ultrasonography (ultrasound): ultrasonic/high frequency sound waves, reflected off of tissues 

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