Wednesday, August 17, 2016

classification by relationship btwn legislative & executive branch foundations:
-presidential: legislative & executive are separate
-parliamentary: executive is part of legislative

politics: process to select government leaders & the policies they make

pluralism: we do things individually but a lot of politics are in groups that pool resources & express common interests

pluralist theory: competition among groups pressing for preferred policies 

hyperpluralism: groups are so group that the government is weakened bc it needs to please everyone---> gridlock (can't act/make decisions)

what unites the nation?
  • LIBERTY: freedom from government control; personal & economic freedoms; bill of rights
  • EQUALITY: of outcome & opportunity
  • DEMOCRACY: system of government by the whole population
elite & class theory: upper class elite will rule
not all groups are equal; policies benefit those w money & power 

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