Tuesday, August 2, 2016

next destination: Carthage, Missouri

all day, i've been procrastinating on packing even though i am leaving tomorrow at 4 AM. where am i going? that's a good question. my family (along w my mom's friend's family) is driving down to Carthage, Missouri (a 9-10 hr drive). you may (or may not) be wondering what's in Missouri? the event is called Marian Days or Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu (in Vietnamese). if you've never heard of it, don't worry, i google'd it!
"What exactly is Marian Days, you ask? Estimated to be the largest North American religious pilgrimage, Marian Days brings thousands of Vietnamese Catholic families to Carthage, Missouri each August to celebrate faith and fellowship in honor of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, as well as in memory of their homeland across the Pacific. The festival is highlighted with a variety of mass ceremonies, teen & youth seminars, live entertainment, solemn procession and opportunities for confession."
all i know about Marian Days (from my friends) is that it's going to be hot, we're going to basically be camping since we're sleeping in tents, there will be booths/vendors, & lots & lots of praying.

since we're "camping", ofc i had to think about what i would need to bring along so that we won't die. it's only 4 or 5 days but i struggled so hard to find clothes to wear. in the end, i managed to minimize the amount of clothing my sister & i brought, since we were putting all of our clothes together.

then we had to go through my checklist of things-that-will-keep-us-from-dying, such as fans, sunscreen, flashlights, bug spray, chargers, etc.

i swear, the heat will be the end of me. i know that TX is always really hot & the summers are always in the 90s but i hardly ever go outside. this time, it will be in the 90s for all 4-5 days that i'm there. the only thing worth that is a tan- that is, if i don't melt or get sunburned instead. 

but honestly, even though the idea of being outdoors in the scorching heat praying all day isn't all that appealing, there are some benefits:
  1. i might see some people i know from other states & places
  2. i might get a tan
  3. i will see my aunt & my cousin
  4. i will get to be surrounded by people who share my faith
  5. it might help me get closer to God
  6. it might be nice to get away from everyday/reality 

so here i am, finally done packing. i'm still debating on whether to sleep early since i have to wake up early, or just pull an all-nighter & sleep in the car since i'll be stuck in there for 9-10 hrs. but i've got books, a sketchbook, & good tunes to get through the car ride (if i don't finish the books really fast & if my phone doesn't die quickly like it always does). hopefully i don't die in Missouri so that i can bring you guys some cool pictures & maybe a Marian Days vlog??? :) 

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