Wednesday, August 31, 2016

sheer white collared button up w gold cross pattern
black jeggings 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

book recommendation: whiskey words & a shovel II- r.h. sin

guess what i found in the mail this time? whiskey words & a shovel II by r.h. sin! there's also a whiskey words & a shovel (which would be the first one i suppose) but it cost more & i'm not rich.

i saw a couple of pages on a friend's snapchat story & i knew that i just had to get my hands on a copy of this book. like milk & honey by rupi kaur (check out my post about it here), whiskey words & a shovel II is a collection of writings & poems about life & love & heartbreak. inspiring, encouraging, & relatable, i finished the book in one day & would gladly re-read it any day. i definitely suggest it to anyone who loves poems, writing, or just need a good read. 10/10 recommendation from supersam :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SKINNY | Dodie Clark | Spoken Word

"I love my body. We know that's a lie.
Because I can't wear leggings
They show my big thighs.
I don't conform to society's rules!
But it sure would be nice to look thin by the pool
I'm tubby and proud I say out loud
But staring at my fat is not allowed
I'll pull up my tights and wear baggy tops
And Google how many calories are in lollipops.
They say be healthy be happy and I am neither
But I don't want to munch salad either
my stomach is screaming for more than just leaves
Stuff me with chocolate and chips and cheese!
The three dreaded c's where the calories are in the triple digits.
And satisfaction of scoffing is just so short
Even while you're munching there're those thoughts
that dread of looking down and seeing a dome of my skin
I'll eat broccoli tomorrow, by next week I'll be thin.
And I know that everyone is beautiful
A bit of tub doesn't matter at all!
When I look at people I see their hope
Their smiles, and happiness, how well they cope
with loss and stress and illness and death
why do we obsess about being
Arms and legs that you could snap
a slender neck, a stomach that's flat
Give me a jawbone, make me feather light
slice off some thickness and melt cellulite
Oh make me a princess, a size zero fairy
But that just can't happen. Unless I give up dairy.
Nothing tastes better than skinny feels.
Tell that to my mouth as I greenify my meals.
Maybe I'll go for a run today.
Or maybe I'll eat ice cream until I feel okay."

U by Kotex | Free Sample Products

one day i was on the internet, like always, & i found out that i could get free samples of Kotex products on their website. i checked it out & ordered some samples bc why not? i totally forgot about it until i opened my mailbox today & saw a Kotex box. can i just comment on how simple yet cute the box looks & how relevant the words are? "I hate free stuff" said no one ever. Truer words have never been spoken.

i opened up the box to see what kind of samples i had received & i fell in love w the packaging. 

the contents in the box include:
2- U by Kotex Sleek Tampons Regular
2- U by Kotex Sleek Tampons Super
2- U by Kotex Barely There Liners Regular

just when i thought that i couldn't be more obsessed w this box, i took out the cards/papers that were in the box & saw these cute "inspirational" & positive cards.

i was debating on whether or not to post about this, but how could i not? sure, guys might see this post & think "ew", but those guys need to grow up. i thought that as a girl, how could i deny another girl free tampons or pads? menstruation is a natural thing that our bodies do & there's no reason to be ashamed of that so free products are a must-share. click here to get your own free samples!

Aug. 14- Aug. 20 | Week Vlog.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kung Fu Tea

while in MD, my cousins brought me to Kung Fu Tea (there are locations in TX, but i never went to one before). Kung Fu Tea has special teas (regular & milk tea), coffees, slushes, & milks that you can get w bubbles (boba), jellies, & beans

there were already different Kung Fu Tea locations in TX but a new one has been opened up in Cypress at 25704 Northwest Fwy, Cypress, TX 77429. Chris (my friend) & i made plans to go visit Michelle (our friend) who works at this new location. i brought Brenda along since she never tried Kung Fu Tea before

meet Michelle, our friend that works at Kung Fu Tea! 
i got a Coffee Milk Tea (though i'm not a huge fan of milk tea)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

classification by relationship btwn legislative & executive branch foundations:
-presidential: legislative & executive are separate
-parliamentary: executive is part of legislative

politics: process to select government leaders & the policies they make

pluralism: we do things individually but a lot of politics are in groups that pool resources & express common interests

pluralist theory: competition among groups pressing for preferred policies 

hyperpluralism: groups are so group that the government is weakened bc it needs to please everyone---> gridlock (can't act/make decisions)

what unites the nation?
  • LIBERTY: freedom from government control; personal & economic freedoms; bill of rights
  • EQUALITY: of outcome & opportunity
  • DEMOCRACY: system of government by the whole population
elite & class theory: upper class elite will rule
not all groups are equal; policies benefit those w money & power 

Friday, August 12, 2016

trrtlz bracelets


i was at target & i saw boxes of trrtlz bracelets so i had to check them out. there are so many different types of trrtlz bracelets which can all be found on the trrtlz website. anyways, i saw some turtles in the batch, so of course i freaked out (for those of you who don't know, i'm obsessed w turtles). i bought a fully white one for a friend, a red-white-&-blue one for my sister, & the rainbow one for myself bc i liked the idea that the bracelets were supporting "#loveislove". 

the idea behind the bracelets? 
"As the friendship grows between you and your trrtlz bracelets, you will notice that their colors begin to fade. The more adventures your bracelets have embarked on, the more faded they become. By giving a faded bracelet to a friend, you are sharing with them your adventures. When giving a young unfaded bracelet, you are then helping to create a new journey..."

#loveislove #trrtlz #shareyouradventure

endocrine system (notes)

  1. maintain homeostasis
  2. respond to stimuli
  3. regulate body development
  • hormones (chemicals) released into body by endocrine organs to send messages through body
  • glucose concentration in blood must be kept w/in constant range
-can't be too low or no glucose for cellular respiration --> weak, tired, shakey, etc.
- can't be too high bc dangerous

glucose can be stored as glycogen <--can be broken down into glucose in bloodstream by enzymes
  • insulin: hormone from pancreas, released when blood sugar is too high 
-binds to muscle & fat cells to increase uptake of glucose from blood
-binds inside liver & tells it to convert glucose to glycogen

intro to biochemistry (notes)

  • polar
  • electrons (H) are shared unequally
  • cohesion: water sticks to water
  • adhesion: water molecules attracted to other types of molecules
  • surface tension: adhesion + cohesion
  • universal solvent: many things dissolve in water 
chemical reactions where molecules are put together/bond = energy stored
break the bonds--> release energy
sum of all these chemical reactions = metabolism 

synthesis reactions: 
  • putting molecules together (storing energy)
  • anabolic/constructive reactions
  • monomers join to form polymers by dehydration synthesis
decomposition reactions:
  • breakdown (releases energy)
  • catabolic/destructive reactions
  • polymers break down into monomers by hydrolysis 
organic molecules have "carbon-carbon" or "carbon-hydrogen" bonds
macromolecules: large molecules containing millions of atoms
present in all forms of life 
  • carbs: saccharides- sugars --> immediate energy; cell respiration --> ATP for cells
  • nucleic acids: contain genetic information (DNA + RNA), A-T, G-C, contains genes
  • proteins: peptide bonds, amino acids, form cytoskeleton; cellular transport
  • enzymes: proteins, catalysts of metabolic reactions, control chemical reactions. have active site that binds to one specific substrate --> changed into product, released from enzyme
  • lipids: water insoluble (hydrophobic). ex. fats, oils, waxes; high energy bonds, long-term energy storage. cushions & protects internal organs, waterproofing 
-saturated: no double bonds
-unsaturated: 1 or more C=C double bonds

phospholipid: molecules that make-up cell membrane

diseases (notes)

pathology: study of disease

diagnosis: evaluation of...
-signs: objective abnormalities; definitive, can measure
-symptoms: objective, can't measure

syndrome: condition in which certain signs & symptoms appear together
-acute: suddenly, for a short time
-chronic: long lasting

etiology: study of causes of disease
-idiopathic: no known cause

pathogenesis: progression of disease

epidemiology: occurrence/distribution/transmission of disease
  • endemic: occurs in local region
  • epidemic: occurs in a high number of individuals
  • pandemic: occurs in large geographic area
diagnostic tools- imaging
  • radiography: x-rays sent to photographic film
  • computed tomography (cat scan, CT scan): circular structure rotates around a patient, x-bands
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): magnetic field causes emission of radio frequency waves
  • ultrasonography (ultrasound): ultrasonic/high frequency sound waves, reflected off of tissues 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

money & fiscal policy (notes)

uses/functions of money:
  • medium of exchange: readily acceptable, decreases transaction costs
  • unit of account/measure: availible to measure value of goods, easily divisble
  • stores of value: can store purchasing power (ability to save), value varies w rate of inflation
sources of money's value:
  • commodity money: value as good (tobacco, wheat, cows, etc.)
  • representative money: money backed by gold or silver 
  • fiat money: declared legal tender by government 
6 characteristics:
  1. durable: wear & tear, not made w just paper
  2. portable: easily carried around
  3. divisible: can easily be divided into small parts
  4. stable in value: doesn't change value rapidly (able to trust in the money)
  5. scarce: not easily or abundantly available
  6. accepted: as a medium of exchange 
fiscal policy:
fiscal policy = spending & taxes
to fight inflation, government increases taxes
during inflation, government decreases spending
deflation would cause government to increase spending
deflation would cause government to lower taxes
raise income taxes by 5% = inflation
decrease in national budget by 10% = inflation
lower corporate income taxes = deflation

econ.- taxes (notes)

taxes: required payment to local/state/national government

revenue: income received by government from taxes & non-tax sources

tax base: income/property/good/service subject to a tax

3 tax structures: 
  1. proportional: constant % of income taken in tax as income rises
  2. progrressive: larger % of income taken in tax as income rises
  3. regressive: smallaer % of income taken in tax as income rises
individual income tax: tax on person's earnings

corporate income tax: tax on value of a company's profits

FICA: Federal Insurance Contributions Act
tax funds:
  • social security: old age, survivors, disability insurance
  • medicare: national health insurance program helps pay for healthcare for people 65+ or w certain disabilities 
entitlement program: social welfare program that people are "entitled to" if meet requirements

fiscal policy: use of government spending & revenue collection to influence economy

balanced budget: revenues = spending

budget surplus: situation in which the government takes in more than it spends

budget deficit: situation in which the government spends more than it takes in

deficit: amount of money government borrows from 1 budget
debt: sum of all government borrowing up to that time

constitutional powers that give federal government the power to tax:
expressed- (article 1, section 8, clause 1) basis for federal tax
limits to taxing: 
  • taxation clause- can't bring money that goes to individual interests
  • federal taxes same in every state
  • can't tax church bc 1st amendment
  • can't tax exports
characteristics of a good tax:
  • simplicity: easily understood
  • efficiency: government administrators collect taxes w/o spending too much time of money & taxPAYERS shouldn't spend too much time or money 
  • certainty: clear to taxpayer when it's due, how much, & how to pay
  • equity: tax system= fair. no one bears too much/little burden
why federal government withholds taxes from each paycheck: how much you will owe in federal income taxes

how they determine over/underpaid:
  • tax return: form used to file income taxes
  • taxable income: income on which tax must be paid = total income minus exemptions & deductions
  • personal exemptions: set amount subtracted from gross income for you/spouse/etc.
  • deductions: variable amount can subtract from gross income
taxes affect our behavior as consumers:
tax incentive: use taxation to encourage/discourage certain behaviors
sin taxes: discourage from tobacco/alcohol/etc.

  • spending on certain programs that are mandated/requited by existing laws
  • use for interest payments on national debt
  • spending category about which government planners can make choices
  • defense
  • education
the way state taxes are spent:
  • education: every state has at least 1 public state university, supports tech., colleges, community
  • public safety: police force enforces traffic laws, crime labs
  • highways & transportation: resurfacing roads, repairing bridges, waterways, airports
  • public welfare: hospitals, clinics, inspect water supplies & pollution
  • arts & recreation: state forests/parks, nature reserves, museums, art & music programs
  • administration: state government executive branch, legislature, court system, pay state workers, maintenance crews in parks, government & state court judges 
  • collect revenue: limits on state tax: constitution limits, can't tax imports/exports, federal property, nonprofit organizations, etc.
  • sales taxes: tax on goods/services, sin taxes, tax ranges depending on state
  • state income taxes: type of tax varies by state
  • corporate income tax: from companies, type of tax varies
  • other state taxes: licensing fees, transfer taxes (documents, certificates, transgerred & recorded), severance taxes (companies take resources from state), property (real estate, personal property)
local government: responsible for funding/running:
  • public school system
  • law enforcement
  • public facilities
  • parks
  • public health
  • transportation
  • elections
  • record keeping
  • social services
funding: property taxes, sales, excise, income taxes

econ.- employment (notes)

4 types of unemployment:
  1. frictional: when people take time to find a job, change of jobs
  2. seasonal: result of harvest schedule, vacations, or industries slow/shut down for a season
  3. structural: when workers' skills don't match jobs available- technology > people
  4. cyclical: rises during economic downturns & falls when economy improves
unemployment rate: % of labor force LOOKING for jobs but don't have one

full employment: level of employment reached when there is no cyclical unemployment

underemployment: working at a job where one is overqualified or working part time when full time is desired

discouraged worker: person who wants a job but has given up looking

consumer price index: determined by measuring price of standard group of goods meant to represent "market basket" of typical urban consumers

inflation: general increase in prices

3 causes of inflation: 
  1. quantity theory: too much money in the economy
  2. demand-pull: occurs when demand for goods exceeds existing supplies
  3. cost-push: occurs when producers raise prices to meet increased costs
poverty threshold: income level below which income is insufficient to support family or household

5 causes of poverty: 
  1. lack of education: high school dropouts can earn just above poverty line
  2. location: racial minorities in inner city earn less
  3. racial: whites earn more
  4. gender discrimination: men earn more
  5. economic shifts: people who lack education hired when economy is expanding & workers are hard to find--> lose jobs when economy slows down. decline in manufacturing, rise of technology 
income distribution: how nation's total income is distributed among population

income inequality: poor & rich
Lorenz curve: area between line of equality & curve = amount of inequality

income gap: gap between poor & rich due to differences in skills & education, inheritances

how to measure unemployed who are included in the unemployment rate: look at the 4 types of unemployment & count number of people who are looking for a job but don't have one

3 effects inflation can have: 
  1. increase in real estate prices
  2. raised wages, price of goods
  3. services increase
who does it hurt & help?
hurts: buyers
helps: sellers & workers

4 socioeconomic groups more affected by poverty:
  1. race & ethnic origin: poverty rate among African Americans & Hispanics = more than 2x Whites
  2. type of family: single moms = poverty rate 6x more than 2 parent families
  3. age: % of children in poverty > other age group
  4. residence: people live in inner city 2x more than those living outside inner city 
3 anti-poverty policies:
  1. enterprise zones: area where companies can locate free of certain local/state/federal taxes & restrictions
  2. employment assistance: job training programs for workers w/o skills, minimum wage
  3. welfare reform: provides for basic needs. block grants (federal funds given to states) = states responsible for programs. workfare = programs requiring work in exchange for temporary assistance
gross national product:
total market value of all final goods & services

gross domestic product: 
total market value of all final goods & services produced w/in a country
does not include:
  • work w/in homes
  • second hand items
  • criminal activity
  • underground economies
consumer price index:
measures goods consumers buy
-purchasing power: ability to buy decreases
-positive effects: loans--> good for inflation

  • money is flowing
  • period of economic growth
  • plentiful jobs & falling unemployment
  • businesses investing in new plants, equipment, etc.
  • inflation (general rise in prices) can occur
  • real GDP stops rising
  • high production
  • height of expansion
  • going downhill
  • lower prices occur--> deflation
  • low levels of investment
  • 2 types:
1. recession: real GDP fails for 2 consecutive quarters (6-18 months)
2. depression: high unemployment

  • lowest point of economic activity
  • indicators:
1. leading- 
stock market
interest rates
orders of capital goods
2. coincident-
change w cycle
personal income
sales lagging

monetary policy: 
the federal reserve system = central bank of U.S.
roles of central bank:
  • issues bank notes
  • supervises banking institutions
  • serve as bank for government & banks
  • establishes & conducts monetary policy
  • maintains value of currency
  • acts as lender of last resort

intro to economics (notes)

what is economics? 
the study of how people seek to satisfy needs & wants by making choices

why do choices have to be made?
  • scarcity of resources- is the basis of economics
  • basic economic problems- leads to shortage of goods & services
the basics:
  • scarcity- permanent problem we face w "factors of production"
  • shortage- temporary situation, can find new/recover "factors of production"
factors of production:
  • land- materials found in nature
  • labor- effort someone devotes to a task & they're paid
  • capital- human made resources used to produce other goods or services  
-human capital: special training that makes you economically "special"
-physical capital: good that helps produce other goods or services
-technology: advances in process to make a good or service
  • entrepreneur(ship)- people who take risks to combine land, labor, & capital to create new goods/services
trade offs: 
all choices given when choice is make

opportunity cost: 
the best or most valued alternative that is given up when choice is made

production possibility frontier: combination of goods produced utilized to full potential

in the face of scarcity, countries use:
  • development of cheaper or substitute resources
  • specialization of labor
  • mass production
6 basic economic goals:
  • economic efficiency- maximize resources
  • economic freedom- get to choose profession, what to buy, etc.
  • economic security- predictability
  • economic equity- fair distribution of wealth
  • economic growth- improve level of prosperity
  • full employment- provide jobs
market economy:
no government interaction in economy

factor market:
money flows from firms to households
businesses purchase factors of production (raw materials) to make finished products
households sell factors of production for income

product market:
money flows from households to firms for finished goods
businesses sell goods & services for a set price
individuals in households purchase goods & services

mixed economy:
government plays an active role in economy

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lilly Singh's "Voices"

Marian Days 2016.

in my last post, i told you guys that i was going to Missouri for Marian Days for the first time ever. 
i was woken up at 3:50 AM & left the house at 4 AM to drive to my mom's friend's house (we were going on the trip w them). there was a huge rental van & 12 people in it. i was stuck on the road for 10+ hours w 12 people in a van. we finally got to Carthage, Missouri at around 6 PM. 

(this was the first thing i saw walking into walmart) 
we went to the nearby walmart for a few things that we needed before we set up the tents. it was hot weather (in the 90s) for most of the week & there was a lot of walking involved.

there were many booths w vietnamese food, some American food, & BOBA. most of the time, my siblings, my friends, & i would hang out in an auditorium (w A/C) bc it was too hot out, but we did go to Soul-to-Soul, which was an event w praise & worship, adoration, etc.

during Marian Days, i was reconnected w 2 kiddos that i went to TNTT in MD w & met 2 new people (friends of my cousins) who were in TNTT in VA. we all hung out the whole time & i don't think i would have enjoyed Marian Days as much if they weren't around.

on the last full day (Saturday), i got to take the basic Marian Days letting-go-of-the-balloons picture:

on the morning of the last day (Sunday), i had to say goodbye to my MD kiddos :(

we all know that i'm not much of a heat/walking/outdoors/camping person but in the end, i had a blast at Marian Days. i got to hang out w some cool people who made the whole thing worth it. i already miss Marian days & my friends (but i don't miss is the heat & the ice cold showers).

guess we'll have to wait til next year to see if i'll be going again. until then, enjoy the vlog:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

next destination: Carthage, Missouri

all day, i've been procrastinating on packing even though i am leaving tomorrow at 4 AM. where am i going? that's a good question. my family (along w my mom's friend's family) is driving down to Carthage, Missouri (a 9-10 hr drive). you may (or may not) be wondering what's in Missouri? the event is called Marian Days or Đại Hội Thánh Mẫu (in Vietnamese). if you've never heard of it, don't worry, i google'd it!
"What exactly is Marian Days, you ask? Estimated to be the largest North American religious pilgrimage, Marian Days brings thousands of Vietnamese Catholic families to Carthage, Missouri each August to celebrate faith and fellowship in honor of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, as well as in memory of their homeland across the Pacific. The festival is highlighted with a variety of mass ceremonies, teen & youth seminars, live entertainment, solemn procession and opportunities for confession."
all i know about Marian Days (from my friends) is that it's going to be hot, we're going to basically be camping since we're sleeping in tents, there will be booths/vendors, & lots & lots of praying.

since we're "camping", ofc i had to think about what i would need to bring along so that we won't die. it's only 4 or 5 days but i struggled so hard to find clothes to wear. in the end, i managed to minimize the amount of clothing my sister & i brought, since we were putting all of our clothes together.

then we had to go through my checklist of things-that-will-keep-us-from-dying, such as fans, sunscreen, flashlights, bug spray, chargers, etc.

i swear, the heat will be the end of me. i know that TX is always really hot & the summers are always in the 90s but i hardly ever go outside. this time, it will be in the 90s for all 4-5 days that i'm there. the only thing worth that is a tan- that is, if i don't melt or get sunburned instead. 

but honestly, even though the idea of being outdoors in the scorching heat praying all day isn't all that appealing, there are some benefits:
  1. i might see some people i know from other states & places
  2. i might get a tan
  3. i will see my aunt & my cousin
  4. i will get to be surrounded by people who share my faith
  5. it might help me get closer to God
  6. it might be nice to get away from everyday/reality 

so here i am, finally done packing. i'm still debating on whether to sleep early since i have to wake up early, or just pull an all-nighter & sleep in the car since i'll be stuck in there for 9-10 hrs. but i've got books, a sketchbook, & good tunes to get through the car ride (if i don't finish the books really fast & if my phone doesn't die quickly like it always does). hopefully i don't die in Missouri so that i can bring you guys some cool pictures & maybe a Marian Days vlog??? :) 

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