Thursday, July 14, 2016

Koala(ty) kolaches @ Koala Kolaches

today, i went to Koala Kolaches for the first time. it's a little shop but it's super cute & the lady that served us was so warm & pleasant that she made it a fun experience the second we stepped in.

i went w Allison, Paul, my brother, & my sister. Allison told the lady that it was my birthday, so she told me to pick an ice cream flavor, a topping, & she would make it special for me. 

i chose cookies 'n cream ice cream w oreos & she said that that was boring so she added some fruity pebbles along w the oreo toppings for me:

 brenda got a strawberry ice cream kolache w gummy bears:

after our kolaches, the lady brought out some cinnamon sugar donut holes (?) w chocolate inside of them, saying that it's a thing she does for first time customers. then on top of that, she brought me a paper bag that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love, Koala" w a free regular kolache. 

i gotta say, it was a pretty great experience, no complaints whatsoever & i got a free kolache on top of that. i would definitely say that Koala Kolache has has koala-ty food & service. :) #koalakolache #koalakakes #leavehappier

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