Saturday, June 11, 2016

R.I.P. Christina Grimmie

hey guys. i just wanted to share this quick video i made bc i'm very very upset.

for those of you who haven't heard, Christina Grimmie was shot. for those of you who don't know who she is, she was an inspiration, a funny, amazing, caring, & talented singer. she was a youtube sensation & 3rd place on the Voice, season 6.
in the video, i've already said what i could put into words. her death has left me in shock & i just.. can't. it's truly a shame that so many people hadn't gotten the chance to hear about her other than through her death. it's a shame that she was only 22, that she was having the time of her life performing for her fans, that she was signing autographs, when she was shot. someone got through security w two guns & a knife (i think) & they shot her. other people might have been in danger too, if Christina's brother had not tackled the shooter. obviously it is a relief that no one else got injured, but it's devastating that Christina was, & died bc of it. her silliness, her smiling face, her charm, her shining & outgoing personality, all of these things are what made her fans love her for more than just her amazing voice. of course, i have to emphasize just how TALENTED & amazing she was, but anyways. she loved her fans, Team Grimmie, so much & i am so proud to have been part of Team Grimmie. Christina Grimmie absolutely rawwks.

she will never stop rawwk-ing.

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