Saturday, June 18, 2016

maryland, here i come

it's the day, it's the day, it's the day! today is June 18th, a.k.a. the day i go to MD. 
right now, i am on my way to the airport.
my flight is early in the morning & i had to wake up way before a time that i would ever be willing to wake up. however, there is nothing i can do about that. usually when i go to MD, i arrive around midnight (bc i always go in the afternoon on christmas eve) but it's not winter- it's summer & we're supposed to land around noon-ish. we are going to MD for my grandparents' 50th anniversary together so i drew this for them:

i am so excited to see my family (& hopefully my friends) again, even if i just saw them like, 5-6 months ago. i'm ready to get out of my house (more specifically, my room) & stop bumming around watching netflix all day long. 
however, i always have trouble when it comes to packing...

i decided that i would just have to bring clothes that can mix & match easily. hopefully i have everything i need bc it's too late now! i can't wait to be back home in MD & see my family & film new videos w Christy! 
adfgjkl. watch out for those videos/vlogs for updates!  

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