Friday, June 17, 2016

Make You Stay | The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

new song & music video!! how exciting!!

for those of you who don't know who the Girl and the Dreamcatcher are, a little background info: Dove Cameron (a.k.a. the Girl) stars in Disney channel's "Liv and Maddie" as both Liv and Maddie, who are twins. Ryan McCartan, the other half of the band (the one in the glasses, playing the guitar), was also in "Liv and Maddie", playing Maddie's love interest. off-screen/ in real life, they dated & are engaged. they started the band, the Girl and the Dreamcatcher, together & have a couple of other songs out, such as "Glowing In The Dark", "Written In The Stars", & "Someone Like You". this song, "Make You Stay" is their newest & highly anticipated single & video. 

the interesting thing is that Luke Benward, the actor that plays Dove's "boyfriend", has worked w Dove before- in Disney's movie Cloud 9, Will (Luke) & Kayla (Dove) are love interests. in this music video, i believe that Luke & Dove are boyfriend/girlfriend & Ryan is the friend that is always there for Dove. the rest is pretty self-explanatory from watching. i think it's incredibly cute & great if you know the background & love them as much as i do. i just love watching Dove & Ryan together- btw they also work together in R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls if anyone is interested in seeing more of them! but back to the music video. it's so cute, i would squish its cheeks if it had any. i loved it as much as i've loved all of their other songs & videos. i am happy happy happy.

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