Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Room Tour!

do you ever just get tired of looking at the same thing every day? & by thing, i mean your room. i get bored of my room all of the time & i always want to re-decorate or move things around or clean up. so i finally did it now that it's summer & i have all of this time. when most people do interior decorating/re-decorating, they try to get things in their room to match & look nice & some people even take the minimalist approach. not me, no sir. i have paintings or artwork or something on most of the free space on my walls & in my room. nothing really matches yet everything somehow comes together to form perfection (in my eyes ofc). i have been complimented on my room before- people like my paintings on my walls, or my mom always brings people in whenever we have guests (i don't know why she does it, but she does it EVERY time). so without further ado, here ya go (excooz the bad quality panoramas- i used my phone): 

walls #1, (artwork/desk) #2 (window/bed), & #3 (bed/closet door/shelf)
peep the anchor painting & the palm trees painting
wall #1- artwork/desk wall
most of the art pieces were from my art AP portfolio in high school
closer look: desktop
got my laptop, mirror, pens, calendar, whiteboard (to do list), & the cork
board of pictures & little things that remind me of good times.
walls #1, #2, & #4 (painting wall)
this is the wall that people really like for some reason- my wall of paintings. it's a bunch of random & terribly misplaced
paintings but it's too late to do anything about that now! (the self-portrait is not a painting, it's just covering up a painting)
wall #3 has a doorway, leading into my closet. it's a walk-in one & i've got everything in there. i've got tfios (the fault in our stars) & an x-men poster on my door, & a superman color page/painting on my wall. 
on the left side (if you're entering) i've got my homecoming mum, shelves with shoes, clothes, books, perfume, jewelry, etc. it's pretty packed but i made do w the space that i had. 
right: clothes hanging, a bunch of junk on the top shelf, & a dresser of clothes (although one drawer has art supplies)
when you walk into my closet, this is one of the first things you see- my little seating area. it's a sleeping bag w pillows & most of my stuffed animals on it. it's been moved around a couple of times but i've decided to move it back under my closet window. 
andddddddd that is the gist of how my room looks now- i am pretty happy w how it turned out. 

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