Sunday, May 22, 2016

Let Me Love You | Ariana Grande ft. Lil Wayne

another Ariana Grande video is here! 
although all i got from the music video is they tried to make it kind of sexy- shots of her back arching, her on a bed, her in lingerie, etc.- to fit the almost chill-sexy vibe of the song. but you know what, Ariana IS sexy so i don't even care that i didn't get what the concept of the music video was. just seeing her looking so point & hearing her amazing vocals, unf.
also, can i just say that now that i've seen her w her wavy/curly hair, i can die happy. it's amazing & i'm so obsessed w it. can we just acknowledge how beautiful she is & how cute AND sexy her outfits are & the fact that "her eyelash game is sooooooooooooooo on point" -Paul. i'm absolutely obsessed w her make up & her black outfits & her chokers & her camo top & her red lipstick (in her part w Lil Wayne).
also, i love how Lil Wayne's rap goes so well into the song even though i never would have imagined Ariana & Lil Wayne in a song together. but did you see how natural their interactions were in the video? they were just having a good ol' time working together. i'm pretty in love w the rap. Lil Wayne says "Ariana, my lil mama, goodbye to the good girl" which is such a good lyric for this album. Ariana is transitioning into a more mature & adult sound, showing her inner "Dangerous Woman" & Lil Wayne's line simply reinforces that idea. Then he says "my name change from Lil Wayne to oh Wayne, oh Lord, she grinding on this Grande" which i thought was a really clever use of their names. 
to sum this whole post up though, i am obsessed w her, w this song, & w this video. 

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