Monday, May 23, 2016

Into You | Ariana Grande (Official Music Video)

oh. my. gosh. yes. just. yes. 
yes, this is ANOTHER Ariana Grande music video that i'm posting about bc she is perfection. 
however, i feel as if "Into You" & "Let Me Love You" should switch videos. i legit played "Let Me Love You" while watching "Into You" (on mute) & vice versa & i feel like they fit better if they switch, but that's just my opinion. EITHER WAY, she looked like an absolute goddess in this video, w her sexy outfit in the desert (??) & she even looked sexy when she was in those ripped jeans & a big hoodie. the scenes w her & the male actor were cute & sexy & the whole time, i was thinking "ugh goals." every video & song that Ariana has come out w lately has taken my breath away w the amazing filming skills, cute outfits, & just Ariana in general. everything that she does, she excels in. her acting, her singing, & even her choreography are on point. every time i watch one of her videos, i get so excited to see her beautiful face & hear her amazing talent. every song that i've heard by her, i've immediately fall in love w. she continues to grow & better herself in her music & i think that everything that she has accomplished has been absolutely amazing. just thinking about this video makes me want to re-watch it (i might actually).

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