Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Colors" by Halsey | Teaser

guys guys guys. i am freaking out. first i was freaking bc of today's episode of teen wolf. 
then i got on twitter & heard there was a music video trailer for the song Colors by Halsey. if you guys haven't heard of Halsey or the song Colors, check it out here bc it is amazing:

anywho. the trailer/teaser. my heart stopped when i saw who was featuring in it:

yup, that's right- Tyler Posey!!!! first teen wolf then this teaser. ahhhhhh. 
in the trailer, it seems like Tyler plays Halsey's love interest.
this is crazy & excited & i am so hyped for this music video.  

update- it's here! click here to watch:
Colors by Halsey (Official Music Video)

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