Monday, February 8, 2016

chúc mừng năm mới!

guys! it's Tết Nguyên Đán (better known as "Tet") which means "Feast of the first morning".
did ya'll see the snapchat filter for lunar new year bc it's cute & it has a monkey (year of the monkey).

i got some lì xì ("lucky money") from tntt yesterday & from my parents today.
i kind of miss celebrating Tet in MD w all of my family though. all of the kids would line up from youngest to oldest in front of the grandparents & say greetings & wishes. 
wishes are things like wishing them to live up to 100 yrs old, wishing them security, good health, flowing money, prosperity, etc. then the adults would give the children lì xì. 
we also would play bingo or bầu cua cá cọp (which you can see below).

i wore this panda ring (that my friend from MD gave me as a present) today just bc Tet = red & gold.

one of my favorite things about Tet (or any holiday really) is FOOD. who doesn't love food? 
i'm not a HUGE fan of Vietnamese food- i'm pretty Americanized- but one thing that i've always loved since i was little is bánh tét (fried bánh tét above^). 

ok that is all really bc i could go over the history of Tet or you could just wiki it like i would~ 
happy vietnamese/lunar/chinese new year!

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