Tuesday, February 9, 2016

english help

  • theme: main idea/underlying meaning (may be stated directly or indirectly); universal truth, insight to how the writer sees the world/how the world works; opinion expressed on subject
  • subject: topic which acts as foundation for literary work 
  • plot summary: what happened 
  • critical analysis: what happened & why
Point of View:
  • 1st person: (singular, plural)
your own voice/ideas, personal narrative
don't use in formal essays unless giving your personal experience as argumentative evidence!
subjective- "I", "we"
objective- "me", "us"
possessive- "my/mine", "our/ours"
  • 2nd person:
talking to another person
do not use in formal essays!
"you", "yours", "yourself", "yourselves"
  • 3rd person:
-limited: narrator knows feelings & thoughts of only one character
-omniscient: narrator knows feelings & thoughts of all characters, "God-like" narrator, all knowing

  • it's: contraction, "it is"
  • its: possessive
  • who's: contraction, "who is"
  • whose: possessive

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