Tuesday, January 19, 2016

charcoal nails

i'm always working w my hands, whether i'm writing, washing stuff, or drawing. so i don't usually paint my fingernails. however, my sister & i decided to paint our nails (more like, i painted both of our nails) & well.. i'll admit i'm not great at painting nails. my mom would be disappointed w my uneven strokes since she does nails haha. but i tried my best.

i started off using Kleancolor's "Charcoal" which is a shimmery dark gray color. 
i put O.P.I.'s top coat on all of my fingers except my ring finger, so that i could do an accent nail.
on my accent nail, i used "Charcoal" but instead of the top coat, i used Wet n Wild's matte top coat.
(matte: having a dull or lusterless surface)
lastly, I used Color Club's "Where's the Soiree" black to do a type of french tip (even though i messed up).

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