Monday, January 4, 2016

i think i left my heart in Maryland

i am back from the Mary land & i'm too tired to even blog about it.
the short version: lots of late nights, lots of McDonald's, time difference struggles, & lots of movies.
i've already uploaded the Christmas video & photos to the blog but i never got around to new years so although the day wasn't that great, here are some photos from our "photoshoot": 

we somehow all ended up wearing semi-matching outfits
we couldn't be serious so there were a lot of other silly/non-serious pictures too
dalena got derpy af during this shoot
christy is sniffing my hair
i took couple pictures also, so this is jimmy + dalena
& this is christy + john
& this is me w my one true love- food
mean girls: asian edition
our annual pose
christy being ratchet
i did do a week vlog, will be up tomorrow hopefully. 
here are some other pictures bc i'm too lazy to actually talk about the trip
(also, pictures are on instagram w #marylandadventureswsam):

i was going to watch star wars w tony, vivian, & dalena but it was sold out
so we went to chick-fil-a & just hung out there, talking for an hour or so
i went to sweet frog & the library w alex & izamar, then we went back
to christy's house to hang out for a bit & take our annual pictures
alan came to visit on his trip from delaware to calvert which
was really really nice of him
he thinks we can't see him bc he's in camo
i look ratchet but here's tony again
we hung out a lot
my grandma is a cutie patootie
new years kisses or nah
this lighting was on point
we picked up my dad on the 31st
tony is derpy even though he thinks he's "cute af"
visited some grandparents, they're adorable
alex got to meet Samta

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