Saturday, January 9, 2016

best friends appreciation post

when you think about the most important people in your life, most of you probably think about your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, best friends, significant others, etc. right? what makes them important?

i think that the important people in your life are the ones who love you unconditionally, give you continuous support, are there for you through the ups & the downs, no matter what
for me, those people are jason & paul. they're my best friends & we've been friends since i moved here. i remember the first day of vietnamese class in TX, i sat in the back near paul since that's where most of the people from TNTT sat & they were the only people i kind of knew. after a while, i started talking to him & jason & then next thing i knew, we were friends. jason & i became inseparable after that, & usually paul was around us too since he was also friends w jason. in the past year, paul & i have also come to be really close & now there's Jam (Jason + Sam) & Pam (Paul + Sam). when i am upset, they're the ones i know i can always run to. when i am crying, they're the ones who hug me until i'm okay. when i am super happy, it's usually bc of them. although they are super dorks & just play yu-gi-oh or league all of the time, they always make sure i'm okay & there's nothing in the world that could make me feel more loved than that. they are my anchors & i love them so much.

today, we sat around trying to find the closest raising cane's & the easiest one for me to drive to (since i was the chauffeur even though i suck at driving). we had a bit of trouble getting there (or at least that's how it seemed to me, since i was just taking their directions) but it was a fun little adventure w my best friends. i don't know what it is about raising canes but it is amazing. out of allllll of the places that i have gone to for the first time w jason & paul (& dorothy), only 2 have impressed me- Chili's & raising cane's. the chicken is foodgasmic & the sweet tea is bomb. so good food w good people. what more could i ask for? i already have the best friends in the world but guess what? 
since i haven't seen them since today, i got my late christmas presents today. & they were the best presents ever. anyone who knows me knows that i love superman, so paul got me a superman hoodie & beanie (i already have 1 superman beanie but this one is better & it has a pom pom thing on it!!). another thing (or person) that i love is John Green. i had all of his books except one- An Abundance of Katherines. & i don't remember telling jason that i didn't have it, but guess what he got me? An Abundance of Katherines. & to top it off, he also got me 3 moleskine notebooks. i've been wanting some for forever & now i finally have some. amazing presents from amazing people. 

honestly, 2016 did not start off all that great, & i don't expect it to be great, but i'm glad i have great people in my life that can make at least some of it great. i am truly blessed.

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