Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve | Maryland!

it is Dec. 24th- Christmas Eve!

as you are reading this (unless you read it after today), i am probably either getting ready to head to the airport, waiting at the airport, on the plane for a 3 hour flight, or already in Maryland. 
although i haven't posted about my trip until now, i've been packing for a week or 2 now.

my family usually goes to MD for winter break to visit my other relatives (on my mom's side) & so trips to MD aren't really a new thing, but it's still exciting every year. i am very excited to see my cousin Christy, who will probably be mentioned again on the blog. in the past year or 2, we've done Christmas videos/vlogs, collabs, & photoshoots. we might do an ugly-Christmas-sweater photoshoot, as well as a new year photoshoot. so expect lots of pictures.

anyways. i looked up the predicted weather for my trip & it was 70s/30s, so i packed accordingly. i packed sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, & more sweaters, including my grinch Christmas sweater. i packed leggings, leggings, & leggings bc leggings + sweaters are practically a given in the winter. 
however, tomorrow, Houston will be 80+ degrees & i was planning on wearing a hoodie & boots & fuzzy socks to the airport, since it could be 30 degrees when i land in MD. as everyone who lives here knows, the weather in Houston is crazy- it's hardly ever consistent. winter officially began on Dec. 22nd, but today i was sweating in 82 degree weather.

anyways. you didn't check out this post to hear me talk about the weather. let's talk Christmas.
i'm not a HUGE Christmas person. this year, it hasn't felt very winter-y, much less Christmas-y. however, i painted Christmas lights on my toes & made a Christmas sweater, & bought Christmas presents nonetheless. i don't think i'll get into the spirit by tomorrow, but i'm sure being reunited w my family will help a little. i'm the type of person who hates that Christmas decorations are in stores before Thanksgiving even comes, & hates hearing Christmas music being played before a certain number of days before Christmas. i made a grinch Christmas sweater bc my sister calls me one.
but i don't absolutely hate Christmas. i love love love Christmas lights, i love the cute decorations, i even have a FEW- very few- Christmas songs that i like (& will share in a second).

so since i'm not posting about how to get into the Christmas spirit or anything, i will leave ya'll with a couple of Christmas songs (not the usual Christmas songs, just some that are lowkey & people don't know about) & videos that i've enjoyed listening to/watching: 

the lyrics to this song might not be very Christmas-y but 
Melanie Martinez released a song called "Gingerbread Man" for Christmas:

Ariana Grande released a 6- song Christmas EP called "Christmas & chill" & it's pretty amazing:
the songs are: 
1. Intro
2. Wit It This Christmas
3. December
4. Not Just For One Christmas
5. True Love
6. Winter Things

Ariana Grande also sang a cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" w Mac Miller.
i'm absolutely in love w it since i love both of them:

One last Ariana Grande video- her & Liz Gillies' cover of "Santa Baby":

I love love love All Time Low & this song of theirs called "Fool's Holiday":

Another All Time Low song here- "Merry Christmas, Kiss My A**"

Tre Melvin, Cassey Ho, Casey Neistat, Sam Tsui, Joey Graceffa, & Christian Collins:

Taylor Swift has her own Christmas songs too! They're not really all that known unless you're a huge T. Swift fan but this one is "Christmases When You Were Mine":

& this one is "Christmas Must Be Something More" by T. Swift,
which i heard playing in Walmart the other day: 

& blogger won't let me post the other video so click here for Josh Leyva's video "Naughty List | Bad (Cover)"

Merry Christmas Eve!

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