Monday, December 7, 2015

it is finals week. today, i had 2 classes/"finals" i had to go to. in my interpersonal communications class, we were assigned to groups & we were a "panel" that had to choose 2 people to save from a kidney disease, out of a list of 10. the people had bios that we had to read & we had to present the guidelines that we went by, who we chose, & why didn't we choose the other people, etc. it was nerve-wrecking but we got a 90 on it, so that's good. we didn't have to dress up for it but i decided i might as well since in EDUC, i had to present my career project anyways. however, since i did a video, i didn't really have to get up. but anywho. i really liked this blazer that my mom had bought.

Red blazer (Charlotte Russe)
Black tank top
Gray jeggings
Crystal pendant necklace (created by me)
Hipster clear lens glasses

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