Sunday, December 27, 2015

eating pizza | remake

back when christy, dalena, & i used to make videos on our own youtube channel (which is no longer up bc it contains embarrassing content), we posted a video called eating pizza. although we were fetuses, it was slightly less embarrassing than the other videos so i uploaded that video to my youtube channel (eveepink1) after we shut down cherryblossoms4444 (our old youtube channel).
well guess what guys? christy & i were so bored that we decided to remake that video!
so i hope you guys enjoy christy & i, trying to recreate a video that our fetus selves posted, w/o dalena this time around (we used diana- dalena's sister- as dalena bc dalena was too busy sleeping to assist us) so click here to watch the original video, & click below to watch the remake!

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