Wednesday, December 23, 2015

comparison in black & white

last night, i was trying to take "artsy" pictures by nightlight & i took the photo on the right.
i liked the neck/collar bones a lot in the picture & i thought, "this would be a fun drawing". i haven't really been inspired to draw in forever, so this was great. i had a hard time with the black background bc it is just so much black, but i think it turned out okay. a while back, i realized that i elongated the faces of the people that i drew & while it bothered me a lot, since i tried to draw things realistically, i realized that it's just the way i draw- it's my drawing style & i never had a drawing style before. also, every time i draw myself, i see that my chin is like, really round. 

anywho, just thought it would be cool to share a comparison of the drawing vs. the actual picture. 

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