Tuesday, November 17, 2015

plaid hoodie flannel (ross)
black beanie (zumiez)
black leggings (wet seal)
brown fur ankle boots (ross)
Texas weather is a tricky thing to work around. last week, it was 59 degrees in the morning when i woke up & 86 when i got home from school. i wear jackets or sweaters to keep warm, only to be too warm by the end of the day. the struggle is real but i love a good outfit too much to not wear it. so this outfit was born the second that i bought the flannel & boots at ross. my sister & i were adventuring & went into ross just bc it was close & i found the flannel hoodie thing for $13. i've always wanted one but usually they're like, $25-$30 at the usual places that i go, so of course i had to get it. the boots were $25 but i thought that was ok considering i've been wanting combat boots for the longest time & those are $50-$60 so i settled for these instead. my sister was already telling me to wear black leggings w them & the beanie was added bc my hair was a mess. now that it's getting a bit cooler out, it's going to be sweater weather! i realize that sweater weather usually starts in Fall, but not in Texas!

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