Friday, November 27, 2015

Chapter 14: establishing & maintaining relationships in college

  • build relations w college instructors: basis is mutual respect
  • what your instructors expect from you: come to class, do assigned work, listen, participate, think critically about course material, persist, honesty
  • instructors who know you well can write letters of recommendation
  • academic freedom: unlimited freedom of speech & inquiry granted to professors to further advancement of knowledge as long as human lives/rights/privacy are not violated
  • if things go wrong btwn you & instructor:
  1. ask for a meeting to discuss problem
  2. go to administrative ladder, starting at the bottom
  • in class, get at least 1 person's contact info so that you won't be lost in class
  • don't get lost in social media & let it interfere w academic success & well-being
  • relationships in college: many opportunities & different choices
  • don't marry before you & partner know for sure who you are & what you want in life
  • college students change life goals & outlook a lot which can negatively affect relationships
  • breaking up- explain feelings & talk it out, do it cleanly & calmly, be mature
  • don't get involved w your boss, professor, subordinate, etc.
  • marriage/parenting + college = hard
  • establish good relationship w parents by being aware of their concerns
  • find a comfort zone/niche in college to feel comfortable
  • don't overextend yourself when it comes to campus activities
  • service learning combines coursework w outside work in a community w goal of teaching civic responsibility & strengthening  community
  • protect your privacy online by not oversharing, restrict photos to friends only, etc.
  • a roommate doesn’t have to be a best friend, just someone with whom you can comfortably share your living space while in college
  • academic freedom allows you to express your own differing opinion
  • seek help from campus's counseling center if you find yourself having relationship problems
  • co-op programs: allow students to work in field of study while enrolled in college, offer valuable experiences & preview of what work in the field is like
  • you may need to take responsibility for some things that you previously relied on your parents for
  • 10% of first-year college students have difficulties getting along with roommates
  • helicoptor parent is a term coined by instructors and administrators to describe parents who exhibit hovering behaviors like trying to make decisions for a student or wanting to know what they are doing every minute of the day

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