Saturday, October 3, 2015

Prayer Balloons.

in TNTT (what we call the vietnamese eucharistic youth movement that i'm in), the older kids were split into groups & we all had to come up w & execute a community service project kind of thing. 
one of the groups decided to do Prayer balloons.
basically, what we did was have balloons (filled w helium) that the kids could write prayers on & let go, as if sending the prayers up to heaven & to God. a canopy was set up so that we could fill up the balloons w the helium, the balloons were tied to ropes that would hold them, & the kids would come get a marker, pick a balloon, write their prayers, & when there were enough who were done, they would group up, say a prayer & let their balloons go.
i was the sign/poster maker & photographer.

we set up while the kids were in class (Vietnamese class):



time for prayer balloons:

after all of the little kids went back to class, we decided to do prayer balloons w our own little group: 

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