Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloweek | Outfit 1

Halloweenweek (Halloweek) is upon us!
i've been picking out black pieces of clothing, & anything w skulls on it, for a week.
however, i only have 3 days of classes so my dress up days are Monday (today), Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday (Halloween!) unfortunately, the weather keeps messing up my plans & while i originally wanted to wear today's outfit on halloween, i can't bc it's an 80% chance of rain on that day & this shirt is lace & i will freeze to death. 
so i readjusted my outfit plans & here we are.
i forgot to take a full body picture but the whole outfit will be in an upcoming vlog, so don't worry.
i had time this morning to do a bit of make up so i went straight for the eyeliner & red lipstick. the shirt i wore had a solid black "corset" of fabric, under the long sleeved lace shirt. i wore my blackest jeans & my trusty black vans.
when i walked into my history class, my friend said that i looked like i had just joined a motorcyle/biker gang hahah. also, she told me that i always looked cool, which made my day. :)

this blog post is a tad lacking w/o the full body picture but nonetheless, it will go under #ootd & you guys can see my Halloweek outfits in my vlog. i'm planning to do a Halloween vlog on top of my week vlog so here's hoping the rain doesn't ruin all of my plans. my halloween vlog will showcase some of my Halloweek outfits, kind of like a little "lookbook", only less professional & more ratchet/lame. ;3 then it will be about Halloween, hopefully, bc my church has planned a Trunk-or-Treat event for the kiddos & i would love to be able to vlog that if IT DOES NOT RAIN. though it most likely will. the Trunk-or-Treat is on halloween & basically the adults/car-owners who want to can set up their trunk w decorations & candy for the little kids to go around & get. it's like trick-or-treating, only you go to cars instead of houses & it's all in one little safe area at the church. anywho, so that's that. keep an eye out for the week vlog, Halloween vlog, & hopefully an October favorites video, if i have time!

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