Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015.

my halloween was not all that exciting, but it wasn't bad.
i went to TNTT & we had pumpkin carving & food. 

i got to carve a pumpkin all by myself, for the 1st time ever.

then after hanging out & mass, there was trunk-or-treat.

i miss halloween in maryland. christy (my cousin) & i used to ride our bikes around her neighborhood & trick or treat together. we'd come home w huge bags of candy & we would pour it all out & sort them into piles. we would share them out equally & give the ones we didn't like to our siblings or something. i was the trick to her treat & vice versa. 
anywho, after trunk or treat, we stopped at someone's house for a couple of minutes- they were having a halloween party. then we headed home & i finished editing my halloween & october favorites ( videos. i hope you guys enjoy them! 

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