Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloweek | Outfit 3

it's Halloweve! you can't even imagine how excited i am for tomorrow.
today, i finally got to wear my skull blouse/button up so that was great. 
i rushed to slightly curl my hair this morning & you guys don't even know how much i suck w make up, i took forever & i had to rush out of the house bc of that. this is why i never do make up or hair for school anymore. such a hassle, but sometimes worth it.  a little eyeliner & red lipstick= confidence booster. 
my friend's line for today was "have you summoned the devil yet?" which was.. interesting. 
my EDUC professor thought my shirt was appropriate for the day before halloween & a girl in my class liked my shirt. i've been enjoying dressing up in all black & eyeliner & looking all fierce but i can only keep it up for so long. on monday, it'll be back to normal clothes for me.

skull blouse/button up (thrifting)
studded leggings
black buckle boots

tomorrow is halloween & i'm still waiting to see if trunk-or-treat is cancelled or not. if it is then my halloween vlog might be really boring, & maybe put the halloweek outfits/look book-y thing in my october favorites instead. we shall see, since i have a lot of editing to do tonight & tomorrow. watch out for the vlog & october/halloween video! have a great halloweve :)

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