Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chapter 7: reading to learn from college textbooks

  • active reading: increases focus & concentration, promotes greater understanding, prepare you to study for tests. Steps:
  1. previewing (purpose: get the bigger picture. understanding what you are about to read. read summaries, headings, subheadings) mapping: shows relationships between different chapter ideas. outlines, list, chunking: list of terms & definitions, divide terms into small clusters, leave white space between clusters 
  2. marking: active reading, underlining, highlighting, writing notes/annotations. (read before you mark, don't over-highlight!!)
  3. reading w concentration (quiet place, take breaks, set goals, take a walk if needed, jot down questions, focus on important parts of text, use glossary)
  4. reviewing (go over notes/text regularly)
  • primary sources: original research or documentation on a topic
  • use flashcards to study terms!!!
  • central ideas of chapters are in the intro
  • math textbooks: pay attention to definition, theorems, & sample problems
  • science textbooks: pay attention to unit conversions, charts, & tables. outline the chapters!
  • humanities: branches of knowledge that investigate human beings, culture, & self-expression
  • interdisciplinary: linking two or more academic fields of study
  • abstract: paragraph summary of methods & major findings of an article in a scholarly journal
  • read supplementary material if you have it
  • monitor your reading & make sure you understand
  • discipline: area of academic study
  • listening, note taking, & reading = success
  • get help w difficult material as soon as possible

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